Fall 2020 Edition

The Fall 2020 edition  of our International Communication Research Journal (ICRJ) is available.

In this edition, we explore what motivates “Newsjunkies” in three Arab nations
to keep up with news; how various media outlets reacted to news about Donald
J. Trump’s surprise electoral victory in the 2016 presidential election in the United
States; how leaders and indigenes of a community in Nigeria use their traditional
festival to encourage all forms of development enterprises in their community; and
an examination of how two top prime ministerial contenders used Twitter for political
communication in India’s 2019 national elections.
In our book review section, we present an exciting book titled, Discourses of
the Developing World: Researching Properties, Problems and Potentials of the
Developing World.

Members and subscribers should expect their copies in the mail. You can access the online copy here or below.

Don’t forget to navigate to our online submission system in order to send your manuscript(s) or analytical perspective/commentary to the Editor. Engage by sharing the attached pdf copy of the journal with friends and colleagues in your professional network. Thankyou.

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